All About Day Worker Denmark

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All About Day Worker Denmark

Always free for workers.
Cheaper than temp teams for employers.

Day Worker is an online job search portal, easily accessible for job seekers and hiring parties around the world.

Looking for workers? In need of cleaning assistance, babysitters, gardeners, graphics designers, web developers, or anyone else? You can set the fixed salary/price for the job, managed flexible working hours, and hire as many workers as you need. As a result, you will save time and money spent on recruitment, furthermore, monitoring all activities in one app.

You name it – We got your back!

The app can be accessed for free on both Android and IOS app stores.
Even more so, Download it and get instant access to 2000+ professionals ready to offer their service in 90+ industries.

Looking for a full-time or part-time job? Become a freelancer in our app – for free and get unlimited access to job offers around Denmark.

Can’t decide? Check and see what is best for you a full-time or part-time job. 

We empower a qualitative match between workers and available job vacancies, ensuring direct contact between the parties, in-build payment systems, performance reviews, and job status tracking tools.

Questions? Write to us or check out the FAQ page. 


Day Worker’s mission is to offer a job search platform accessible from anywhere, anytime and to anyone.


The future of the flexible workforce.
The aim is to create a flexible environment in terms of time, availability and location, where our users are able to manage their free time and income easily.

Our Values


Without trust we are nothing. At Day Worker we are realistic about our limits, what we can or can’t do. We are encouraging our users to share their feedback and experience with us, offering reliable support and solutions. We build our relationships based on trust and transparency.


100 % commitment to the success of our customers’ – from day one. We develop our activity around our users and their needs, doing our best to deliver the best experience and encourage their growth.


On a daily basis, our success is granted to following our moral and ethical principles. We cherish, apply and promote honesty and transparency through our actions.


We take personal responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and commitments. This is a layer in our set of values that helps us carry out a successful and pleasant environment, both internally and externally.

Meet The Team

Jette Lund

The Boss

” Simply being a good listener is a key to opening many doors in Business life today. ”

Mikael Jensen

Communication Consultant

” The only thing you can never compromise within a business is orderliness. ”


Dina Cravcenco

Brand Manager

” I do not stop at failure, neither do I at success. ”

History of Dayworker

”It all began in… 


… February 2016


All About Day Worker Denmark started with a dialogue between me and my partner wondering “What if?”. We have many of those.

What if I, as a CEO, could simply open my laptop and find the employee I need for tomorrow because someone got sick?

Also, what if I could do that in five minutes instead of going through the long process of having to call a Temp Agency, schedule a meeting and then wait until next week?

Asking myself, ”what if I could get a geographical overview in seconds of how many secretaries or graphic designers are available right now,  at what price and skill set – in a few clicks?”

What if we could do that now? And then I and my partner looked at each other in the eyes and instead of asking “what if?”, we just said, “Why not?”. This was the beginning of building up the team and concept.

The need created our whole concept, then maybe and most probably, many others have a difficulty of such and wish for a solution.

A simple talk, one day at the office, related to an issue that many companies face every day, ended up in what you see today – Day Worker Platform.

We hope you will explore and enjoy it, as much as we do.”

Jette Lund | Day Worker CEO



FC Midtjylland is the team of the entire central region and they aspire to reach out for everybody, big or small,  as we are all the same. That is where our aspirations match, in the same spirit. Therefore, we are proud to be sponsoring and supporting the team.

Enprocenternok is a non-profit organization, where you can seek guidance concerning a variety of problem fields. Consequently, It provides an online chat with a number of volunteering consultants with a different professional background, most importantly ready to help others.  Day Worker is supporting ad sharing EPEN’s values and vision.